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Measure human behavior without manual action

Automatically capture time that people spent in certain areas. Integrate cameras in distributed locations.

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Social Distancing Detection in Crowded Places

Fully automated AI vision-based solution to track the adherence to Social Distancing measures in public places.

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Deep Learning based vehicle identification applications

Multi-layer application to detect vehicle, its moving direction and registration plate in lightspeed.

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Automatically analyze and track time spent in areas

Track dwelling time to optimize ways and layout. Scalable solution to connect multiple locations fully automated.

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Continuously track animal behavior and health status

Detect animals and their movement patterns in large-scale farms. Complex rules trigger automated actions.

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Visual AI Combating the African Swine Fever Outbreak
Autonomous systems for animal observation that can reach and even surpass human accuracy.

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Automated Visual AI based Theft Detection System

Detect suspicious behavior with high probability of theft. Automatically flag critical incidents by sending notifications.

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